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Any mixed precipitation should end by mid-morning on Tuesday. As temperatures across southern Wisconsin rise following the passage of the warm front, any snow or ice accumulation should melt quickly by noon. High temperature are expected to be in the upper 30s on Tuesday and in the lower 40s on Wednesday.

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Cloudy skies will keep temperatures milder at night, falling only to around freezing on Tuesday night and remaining in the upper 30s on Wednesday night. Light rain is expected from Wednesday night into Thursday. This may melt much of the current snow cover over southern Wisconsin by midweek. A cold front will cause temperatures to begin to fall on Thursday afternoon.

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The rain should end before it gets cold enough to change to snow on Thursday evening. Quiet weather with near-normal temperatures are expected from Friday of this week through Monday of next week.

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A storm system may affect the Midwest from Tuesday of next week through Thanksgiving Day Thursday morning. Rain and snow are possible on Tuesday and Wednesday depending on temperatures, but as colder air wraps around the storm later Wednesday into Wednesday night, a changeover to all snow is expected.

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The snow should end on Thanksgiving morning as windy and colder weather move in for the holiday. It's still far too early to be looking at specific impacts or snowfall amounts from this storm, but since it will affect the Midwest during a busy travel period before the Thanksgiving holiday, those planning travel during that period should watch future forecasts as details on the storm become more refined in the coming days.

Stay tuned to News 3 Now newscasts, Channel Storms to affect Midwest travel before and after Thanksgiving.

Three big storms to bring snow, rain, stress. He seems super excited about getting to Coachella, or whatever, but plans to spend a few days in L.

Questionable political views, mediocre taste in films, and other warning signs.

He requested a Nissan Altima from the rental-car company, but they only had yellow Dodge Rams left. This breed of L.

Vanlife: This couple has been travelling for almost a year in their Volkswagen. They despise everything that L.

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They wake up with the singular goal of getting to their high-intensity workout as quickly as possible. Tesla Driver: Flat-Earther. Landscaper: He is somehow FaceTiming his family, eating a sandwich, and gesturing at things out the window to his co-worker in the passenger seat. This guy is a legend. He lets you in with a friendly wave when you need to change lanes at the last minute.